MCD/Edge IT to RF Giddings

“During the first quarter of 2013 UK sawmillers R.F. Giddings & Co. Ltd near Southampton in England (, are to install a new electronics upgrade – type “MCD/Edge IT” - to their Söderhamn Eriksson Edgar edging line. R.F.

Giddings have one of the most technically advanced sawmills in the UK where they take advantage of 3D Optimising on the sawline, edger optimising and board optimising on the dropsorter too, all of which was supplied by Söderhamn Eriksson in 2006. The project was at the time the largest scope of supply ever taken on by us and we are very proud to say resulted in a fantastic sawmill and a very happy customer !

The electronics upgrade will bring the edgers electronics right up to date and will also improve the optimising system and make it even more user friendly. New reporting features enable the customer to re-optimise their production for batches or even just one board at a time. Both 2D and 3D views of the boards are available.

By utilising the above and being able to create your own reports, connect the system to your companies own network (amongst many other features) gives you the most up to date system available and most importantly the ability to further improve your production and yield to the highest possible.”