UK sawmill upgrades their Söderhamn Eriksson equipment

Drenagh Sawmills Ltd, based in Northern Ireland, are upgrading their edger electronics, reducer discs and feedworks to their AKE bandsaws.

The edger upgrade will mean that they will have the latest electronics and software available. The new system is called Edge-IT and provides the user with a more user friendly interface, improved programs for wane rules and better scanning, amongst other benefits.

The AKE reducer bandsaw quad will have new Combi Spiral discs installed along with new feedworks that have extension rollers added to them. The extension rollers hold and support the log for a longer time as it is chipped and sawn, thus increasing accuracy. The discs will reduce knife changing time and will also require less power to run, resulting in savings in time and electricity consumption.

These upgrades show Drenagh Sawmills’ commitment to continuous improvement by keeping abreast of the latest developments available within their particular applications.

Installation is to be carried out in early October.