Tropik Wood has ordered sawmill equipment from Söderhamn Eriksson

Tropik Wood, one of Fiji’s largest industries, has ordered sawmill equipment from Söderhamn Eriksson. Tropik Wood produces lumber from Caribean pine plantations and also has a chipping plant for logs. The order includes log decks, a Cambio 800 debarking line, a reducer bandsaw with optimized log infeed, a ChipCanter as well as a secondary-breakdown saw with setting saws; electrical and control systems comprising 3D scanning and optimizing equipment; and a Catech 400 TS-7 edging line with a triple-saw edger. Tropik Wood processes some 80-100 000 cu.m. per year in one shift operation. One of the order’s objectives is to increase value recovery. Delivery is scheduled for the fall and installation start for the turn of the year.