Ever since its formation in 1989, Catech AB focused on the development of fast and reliable edger optimizers with value-optimizing board scanning. Catech is an abbrevation of Computer-Aided Technology and the trademark became quickly world-renowned for its high technological standard. Already in 1994 Catech reached a capacity of 60 boards per minute. High-performance edger optimizers have since the mid-1990s been delivered to Australia, New Zealand, North America and Europe.

Söderhamn Eriksson acquired its competitor Catech Saw Equipment in 2010, thereby combining two companies’ outstanding competences and accelerating further development of edger optimizers. Thus, Söderhamn Eriksson reached its aim of developing a new edging concept after just over two years.

The newly developed Catech consists of modules, making it easy to adapt to individual requirements. Today there are longitudinal and crosswise scanning versions for different capacities. The Catech is unmanned and can be completed with systems for quality measurement that choose how to saw a board in relation to its knots and cracks.

The toughest model, Catech 4000, has a guaranteed max. capacity of 75 boards per minute and 60 boards/min. as a sustainable output per shift.

R&D, manufacture and spare parts sales are now based in Ljusdal, Nyköping and Söderhamn. New machines and upgradings are sold via Söderhamn Eriksson’s sales organization.


Jonas Bogren
Spare Parts Sales
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Kurt Bergström
Technical support
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Lars Skyttner
Mechanical design
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Peter Josefsson
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