Sawline upgrade and Edger ordered by leading UK sawmiller, A & J Scott

A & J Scott Ltd who are based in Northumberland have ordered a major upgrade of their sawmill from Soderhamn Eriksson and Milltech.

For the sawline the order consists of a new 3D system that has a MPM scanner, auto-log rotation and a side-shifting LogPos infeed. This system will then feed a factory fully-refurbished Reducer Quad Bandsaw. This equipment will replace an existing 3D system and canter/double arbor circular saw. For the edger we will supply a new Catech 400 with a 3-bladed sawbox to replace their existing line.

Besides supplying the electronic control system for the 3D sawline, Milltech will also replace the control electronics for the whole mill including tray-sorting and subfloor etc.

A & J Scott are a family run business and have now reached the milestone of being in business for 55 years. The company is currently led by Robert Scott who is the third generation to be in charge. Since Robert took over the reins the company has carried on with their plan of investing heavily for the future and the order SE have received is proof of this.

SE through our UK office, Soderhamn Eriksson Ltd, have been suppliers to A & J Scott for @20 years and are very proud to to be able to carry on doing so. Robert Scott said that he placed the order with SE because "We have an excellent relationship with Soderhamn Eriksson and these days you need to squeeze as much out of a log as you can so we look forward to seeing the improvements in both production and yield there machinery can provide. We at A & J Scott want to maintain our position of being a market leader in UK sawmilling and Soderhamn Eriksson's machinery will help us do this".

Delivery and installation will take place late 2015.

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