Törnqvist family in Älgsjö wants quality

Sawmills that adopt innovations and state-of-the-art technology regard investments as a natural part of the development of their business. These sawmillers see long-term benefits rather than short-term costs, just like the Törnqvist brothers and their father, owners of the Älgsjö sawmill in Ullånger (northern Sweden). They have always been at the forefront when it comes to benefitting from new technology.

The Älgsjö sawmill is a fourth-generation family-owned company and has grown and developed over more than 120 years thanks to hard work and clever decisions. Today it has 12 employees, and its annual production exceeds 30,000 cu.m. sawn lumber. In 1993, seizing the occasion when moving the sawmill from Nordinggrå to Ullånger, the family started to systematically invest in state-of-the-art sawmill technology.
– “For us it has always been natural to invest in the most advanced technology available. This has enabled us to deliver products of the highest quality,” says Jörgen Törnqvist, who together with his brother Åke and their father Kurt operates the Älgsjö sawmill. One of the most important quality aspects of their products is dimensional accuracy, something they have always focused on and just keep improving.

Longer service life
Major portions of the Älgsjö sawmill have been delivered by Söderhamn Eriksson. The logs are broken down in a merry-go-round line that includes a stand-alone chip canter and a bandsaw group. The latest addition, Vision Tilt, a totally new technology for the detection and adjustment of the saw band position on the band wheel, has also been delivered by Söderhamn Eriksson. The Törnqvist brothers immediately saw the advantages of this technology, and ever since they installed Vision Tilt in their production line, they could observe the results.
– ”We saw right away a significant improvement of size uniformity. In the 16 weeks we have been using Vision Tilt, we’ve also seen that the tool life of the saw blades has increased and more blades are reaching full service life,” says Jörgen Törnqvist. Thanks to the improved sawing accuracy and longer tool life, the sawmillers expect the investment for Vision Tilt to pay off quickly.

Smart solution
What makes Vision Tilt unique is that it detects deviations from the normal saw band position in real time and with very high accuracy. Using camera technology, it measures exactly how large the deviation is and triggers a signal making the band wheel tilt to rectify the saw band position. The camera itself is placed behind a guard so that it cannot be damaged by saw band rupture or the like.
– ”This is a very smart solution that feels safe and reliable in every respect,” says Jörgen Törnqvist.