The new equipment has increased our production

Söderhamn Eriksson has delivered and installed sawmill equipment for the Red October sawmill located at the foot of the Ural Mountains in Russia. ”The new equipment has increased our production,” says Dmitry Pashkovskiy at the sawmill.

The equipment delivered and installed consists of log intake, debarking line, saw line, edging line, board sorting line and waste handling system. Dmitry Pashkovskiy is Red October’s Commerce Director. ”Before we opted for Söderhamn Eriksson, we visited a number of sawmills in Europe and compared them in great detail. This led us to believe that Söderhamn Eriksson’s equipment was best suited for our production and our market position.”

Modernization of Red October
The modernization of the sawmill was a necessity, according to Dmitry Pashkovskiy, as the old equipment needed lots of energy and personnel, and they were getting almost no support from the manufacturers. “Our former suppliers were not competitive any longer and could hardly help us with spare parts, let alone with new solutions and products. We needed a supplier that not only could provide us with quality equipment but also with full technical support.”

New machines increase production
Mr Pashkovskiy is eager to point out the new saw line’s many advantages. Among other things, he likes the great flexibility of its merry-go-round design, taking logs of different dimensions and shapes with one and the same machinery. Another advantage is that the technology involved guarantees high chip quality. ”We get more chips than sawdust now – with the old equipment it was the other way around. Now we can for the first time sell high-quality chips to pulp mills,” he says , adding: ”The new equipment has increased our production right down the line.”

Quality tradition
Mr Pashkovskiy also praises Söderhamn Eriksson because in his opinion it combines a long and ancient tradition of quality with the latest, state-of-the- art technology. ”They are, and rightly so, famous for their machinery that is both reliable and of high quality. They even have succeeded in implementing advanced technology such as automation and optimization right down to the smallest details. I’m truly impressed by their know-how.”