Press release - Sawmill equipment to Kharovsk

The order for Kharovsklesprom comprises a log intake, debarking plant, saw line as well as edging and green-sorting plants. The debarking line features CamShift, Söderhamn Eriksson’s module-designed system for butt-end reducing and debarking. The saw line is a straight, fixed-setting EuroSaw circular saw line followed by a Catech edger optimizer. The plant will have a capacity of some 350,000 m3 roundwood/year (two shifts). The total order sum is about EUR 6.5 million. Delivery is scheduled for the end of year 2012.

Söderhamn Eriksson is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of machines and systems for the sawmill industry. Principal markets are the Nordic Countries, Central Europe, South America and Oceania. Söderhamn Eriksson has an annual sales volume of some EUR 40 million and 210 employees at its facilities in Mariannelund and Söderhamn, Sweden, as well as subsidiaries in Norway, Finland, Estonia, England, Germany, Poland and Russia. Söderhamn Eriksson belongs to the privately owned Cellwood Group.

For more information, please contact Mr Henrik Lefvert, CEO, Söderhamn Eriksson, telephone +46 270-74600, or visit