New Catech Edger started up at BSW site

Söderhamn Eriksson manufacture the fastest Edger optimizer in the world – the Catech 4000 – and the latest installation of such a machine has just taken place in the UK.

BSW Sawmills placed an order for the Catech 4000 last year BSW are the largest sawmillers in the UK with a group capacity of over 1,000,000m³. The Catech 4000 was to be installed at one of their 7 UK sawmills based in Newbridge-on-Wye, Wales. Installation commenced in early December and timing was very tight with a targeted start-up date of 5th January.

Both SE and BSW are very proud that the installation went extremely well which involved a lot of hard work and excellent cooperation between SE’s engineers, BSW’s staff and sub-suppliers. This resulted in the line starting up as planned and also achieving full production within 1 week. Since then it is being run on a 3 shift, 24/7 basis at the Newbridge-on-Wye mill who’s production is 150,000m³.