Keeping up with the Jones's!

Sawmillers James Jones & Sons Ltd who are a family owned company based in Scotland have a long and distinguished history going back as far as the 1830’s. Söderhamn Eriksson’s association with them goes back to the early 1980’s when we built there first high production unit in Dumfries. Nowadays James Jones have four high production units and Söderhamn Eriksson are extremely proud to have built all of them – in fact we have built five for James Jones but Dumfries has now been closed due to the new Lockerbie 3 sawmill which we built in 2009.

Lockerbie 3 is one of the most technologically advanced sawmills in the World with full 3D optimisation on the sawline for both log and cant positioning and also two high speed optimising Söderhamn Eriksson Exeltec edger lines.

James Jones have tried to remain at the forefront of sawmill technology and have reinforced this by recently ordering twelve Vision Tilt kits for the bandsaws in Lockerbie 3 and also signing a Service Contract with Söderhamn Eriksson. Vision Tilt will provide all the benefits seen at mills that have already installed it such as longer tooling life and better sawing accuracy to name but two. The Service Contract will ensure that the sawmill stays in tip top condition with our engineers working closer than ever with Jones’s experienced staff thus minimising downtime and increasing production and yield.

Eddie Balfour, General Manager at the Lockerbie site stated : “ We have visited a number of Swedish mills where Vision Tilt has already been installed and are confident that the systems will provide benefits within our Lockerbie 3 line. Improved sawn accuracy and longer service life for bandsaws are the main advantages which we hope to achieve. The Service Contract we have signed with Soderhamns is a natural step for us to ensure we are always achieving the best results possible from our sawline equipment”

Installation of Vision Tilt is aimed for Easter 2013 and the Service Contract will kick off at the same time. Both James Jones and Söderhamn Eriksson look forward to this with some excitement and can’t wait to see the results.