Hüster upgrades with Edge IT and Profiler
The Hüster GmbH sawmill in Warstein, Germany upgrades its Exeltec edger optimizer with the Edge IT and Profiler systems. Edge IT is Söderhamn Eriksson’s new system for edger optimizers to improve measuring, optimizing and control. The Edge IT system features a state-of-the-art operator interface as well as free length optimization when ripping. In addition, it increases the scanning frequency, which in turn increases board image resolution by 25%. Edge IT is delivered for Exeltec, Edgar and Millomatic and can also be installed on existing machines. The Edge IT system can be combined with the Profiler, a profile laser sensor system that further improves measuring accuracy. At the Hüster mill, the Profiler is to be installed with 8 + 8 laser sensors. The system complements the existing cross-beam measuring system, adding full profile measurement at 8 points along the board. The ability to measure the wane edge depth will considerably improve, and the system also detects very flat wanes. As the Profiler will be combined with the cross-beam scanning, and the two measuring methods complement each other, this will result in highly improved board scanning. A total of 20 Edge IT systems have been delivered since the autumn of 2009. Eight of these have been upgradings of older edger optimizers.