Catech 4000 for Norra Timber

Norra Timber, the industry division of the northern Swedish forest owner association, invests in a Catech 4000 TS-5 edger optimizer for installation in its sawmill in Sävar, one of Norra Timber’s two sawmills with a total annual production of some 400,000 cu.m. lumber. Decisive for this purchase were the unmanned edging solution and the high capacity. Norra Timber believes in bandsaws and edger optimizers in the long run, primarily when it comes to yield but also in terms of productivity. The investment in a new Catech opens up the possibility of increased capacity and availability both in the edging process and in the saw line. The new edging line will be delivered in mid-September 2015.

Catech 4000 TS sets a new standard for high-performance edger optimizers with capacities up to 75 boards/min. Söderhamn Eriksson’s new edging program includes edger otimizers for crosswise and for longitudinal board measurement.