Söderhamn Eriksson's history

Söderhamn Eriksson’s history dates back to the year 1864. The experience gathered throughout these centuries from continuous technical development and endeavor to adapt to customer needs has made Söderhamn Eriksson a world leader. The company has its roots in two different companies that have become world-renowned independently of each other. Cooperation between the two companies, A.K. Eriksson and Söderhamns Verkstäder, began in the 1970s, and in the beginning of the 1990s, A.K. Eriksson acquired Söderhamns Verkstäder, resulting in Söderhamn Eriksson in the year 2000.

Söderhamns Verkstäder was founded in 1864 under the name Wändinge Gjuteri (“foundry”). From its onset, it developed and manufactured sawmill machines as well as other products. For many years, the company was also known for its chippers for pulp mills. In the 1950s, the first Cambio was launched, whose name ever since has been used as a synonym for debarkers by the sawing industry worldwide. For breaking down logs, the gang saw was for a long time the main product. After the introduction of reducer technology in the 1960s, its later combination with bandsaw technology resulted in the reducer bandsaw. Early on, the company made use of electronics for developing, among other things, the edger optimizer, which has become one of our main products.

“In spite of all imitation attempts of late, we are still the market’s most exquisite”! – wrote Albert Konrad Eriksson, A.K. Eriksson’s founder, in an advertisement in the 1920s, whose statement continues to be valid. The century-old company has always been focusing on log breakdown equipment, even if it also had other products. Right before the turn of the century, company founder A.K. Eriksson began manufacturing saw benches for circular saws, which would earn him a good reputation in the Nordic Countries. In 1957, the company launched the first bandsaw and then further developed this product and its accessories. Today the initials AKE represent a worldwide guarantee for advanced technology and high-quality bandsaws.

We’ve even written a book about our fascinating company history, tracing our development over fifteen centuries (presently only available in Swedish but soon also in English).