Jun 26 2014 JCE SA, Chile, doubles capacity and increases sawing yield

The sawmill Aserraderos JCE SA in Los Angeles, Chile, has placed an order with Söderhamn Eriksson. Their saw line is to be extended into a straight processing line complemented with a new 3D...
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Apr 25 2014 Sawmill Equipment to Russian Far East

The Russian sawmill company Asia Les Ltd., operating in the Khabarovsk region, is investing in sawmill equipment from Söderhamn Eriksson. The order from Asia Les comprises a complete small log plant...
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Apr 10 2014 A Cambio 800 sold to Norway

Begna Bruk A/S in Norway has ordered a new debarker of the Cambio 800 D type. The machine belongs to the latest generation with newly developed feed roller drives and bark flow guard as well as a new frame...
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